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Quality policy

Mdos Consulting Engineers, S. L. is a company dedicated to the design and development of projects of industrial and agricultural engineering, studies and technical reports and project management.

The management of the company, represented by its manager has decided to implement a system of quality management as a tool to get the achievement of the overall objectives in the development of our activities:

- Compliance with the requirements and expectations of our customers.
- Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our business.
- Continuous improvement in the performance of our activities.
- Offering our clients a comprehensive advisory service.

All company employees must take on these objectives in the development of the work, since its achievement depends directly on every one.

Meanwhile, management is fully committed to these goals, commitment is embodied in:

- The definition of an organizational structure consistent with these objectives.
- The allocation of resources for the implementation and improvement of the system and company.
- The analysis, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of proposals for improvement that are considered viable and appropriate at all times.
- Monitoring and measurement of indicators of process performance.

The general objectives mentioned, will be developed annually in a program of specific, concrete and measurable for whose achievement is essential the contribution of the staff concerned.

These programs will be established goals, developed and evaluated periodically and will be the engine of our improvement.

Everyone should understand the implications arising from this Quality Policy in our daily work, both in actions linked to production processes and customer service, as in internal management operations.

This quality policy is made public to the company staff, who must understand and accept it.

Signed: D. Antonio Lobato Vázquez
Manager of Mdos Consulting Engineers, S. L.
Date: February 6, 2018

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