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  • 2 We offer clients a comprehensive advisory service whose highest is customer orientation.
  • 3 Professionalism and expertise in the development of comprehensive technical projects.

Leadership and Management in the works

As in case of the design and development of projects, works addresses are subject to the procedures set out in the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000.

Mdos Consulting Engineers offers to the customers two types of services related to project management:

Project Manager, holding:

1. Request for proposal.
2. Comparative and award.
3. Works visits and making records.
4. Certificates of completion.
5. Processing and legalization in different organisms.

Comprehensive technical management, performing:

1. Reception work.
2. Request for proposal.
3. Comparative and award.
4. Development of work execution planning.
5. Works visits and making records.
6. Technical-economic management.
7. Commissioning facilities.
8. Certificates of the end of work.
9. Processing and legalization in different organisms.
10. Contracting services.
11. Processing of licenses in different Town Halls.
12. Track records in different organisms until the end of obtaining.

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